Spending Time with your Family in the Beaches – 10 Top Activities to Do

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Spending time with family at the beach is something everyone looks forward to during the summer months.

With the right activities, children and adults can stay entertained throughout the entire trip. The activities will ensure you stay active, have fun, mingle with other families, and have more to talk to when you go back home.

This means the activities you choose are essential. But you need to select activities that depend on the well-being of the children, their ages, and their abilities.

Below are the top ten activities to do with your family at the beach.

1. Beach volleyball

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Among the oldest and well-known family beach activities is beach volleyball. The good news is that most beaches around the world have volleyball nets set up. Hence, all you need to carry is the ball.

However, some beaches only have poles. Thus you may need to carry a net and a ball. But whether there are poles and nets or not, you can still engage in beach volleyball.

It is an enjoyable activity where everyone in the family can be involved. It becomes more fun when you fall trying to reach the ball.

2. Bean Bag Toss

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For a long time, bean bag toss has been a favorite family-get-together activity. Whether you are in the yard or at the beach, it is an activity that can bring the whole family together.

All you need is to buy the already made bean bag toss games or make some. If you choose to make come-up with your own, you will need to have your own rules and designs.

3. Kite Flying

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Kite flying is a great activity for windy days at the beach. Therefore, if the weather allows, you can carry the kites to the beach.

Since kites are available in different sizes, colors, and shapes, it is much fun when the whole family participates. Although the activity is not recommended for smaller kids, they can learn under the parent’s care.

To see several kites of different colors in the air is marvelous. Hence, if it is an activity you can enjoy with your family, it is a good one to consider.

4. Paddleboarding

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One of the best and most enjoyable activities you can try with your entire family is paddleboarding. It is a water sport that is full of fun and adventure.

One of the reasons why the activity has become so popular is because it is suitable for all ages. Moreover, you can take your family dog as well.

Paddleboarding has numerous benefits. It is a form of workout, all family members can participate, the paddleboards are easy to carry, and it is an all-year activity.

Things you need to carry for the activity include a stand-up paddleboard, a paddle, and a personal flotation device among other few gadgets. Check out Paddleboards.com for more on SUP!

5. Biking

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If you feel like doing some workouts out of the water, one of the best family beach activities to consider is biking. Taking a ride around the beach is fun and interesting.

Moreover, you can always stop to take some pictures, grab some juices, or take a rest. Happily, there are many places around the beach where you can rent a bike.

6. Bodyboarding

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Bodyboarding is another excellent activity every member of the family can engage in at the beach. Waiting and then running when the waves arrive is a great thing for the kids.

It is even more fun when you do it on a bodyboard and ride the wave on the belly.

Just like other water sports such as paddle boarding, bodyboarding is not only entertaining but an activity that can help kids burn off a lot of energy.

7. Snorkeling

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Another activity a family can engage in is snorkeling. All you need are the main pieces of equipment and you are good to go. Nevertheless, your family members should have the desire to explore the underwater world.

With the snorkel masks, life vests, fins, wetsuit, and sunscreen, you discover a lot of Mother Nature that you do not know. It is a unique activity for all.

Happily, there are always snorkeling spots near the beach for snorkeling extra. Visit the places to learn more and to make your beach trip a memorable vacation.

8. Kayaking

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If the beach you are planning to visit is well-protected from waves, you can try kayaking. Kayaking is a great water sport where all family members can participate.

It is not a complicated activity and if the kids are younger, you can consider tandem kayak. By sharing one with them, you will enjoy the ride as they learn how to kayak.

9. Beach bowling

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As you watch the tides shift and the waves splash, another interesting activity you can do with your family is beach bowling.

Beach bowling is an exercise that will keep everyone engaged, particularly the children. All you need is to make bowling lanes on the sand and use wet sand to make bowling pins.

Then take turns to roll rubber balls down the lane. Start with the smallest before moving to the middle-sized balls. It is an enjoyable game that will keep everyone involved for hours.

10. Water relay races

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Kids love running around and competing with each other. It is even more interesting when every family member is involved. The best running activity to do at the beach is water relay races.

You can try the famous egg-and-spoon relay race or have plastic cups and have kids run for water and fill some buckets.

Water relay races can be pairs or teams. All you need is to ensure everyone is involved.


Beaches are popular places to visit for all family members. From adults to kids, everyone loves going to the beach. But to keep the young ones engaged, you need to do some exercises. For more help with that check https://standuppaddleboardworld.com/best-paddle-board-kids/.

The above activities are some of the best ones you can consider as a family. They are fun, engaging, and friendly to all.

However, apart from bringing the essentials needed for the activities, do not forget to carry healthy snacks, drinking water, sunscreen, beach tents, and a cooler.

This will create a lot of fun and bring a memorable family beach getaway to everyone.