How To Choose The Perfect Murphy Bed


A Murphy bed is also called a wall bed. The design is meant to be practical and save space in your home. This solution is great for small apartments, where a double bed would take up a lot of space. We have also often seen it in hotel rooms and apartments so that the functionality of the space can be maximized.

Most of the time, Murphy beds are folded up against a wall, and they can also be camouflaged. So, these beds are hidden behind wardrobe doors or something that resembles a bookcase.

Nowadays, the architectural planning of interiors is on a ridiculously different level than when these beds were popular. But that doesn’t mean we should forget them. On the contrary, even today, interior designers use them as practical solutions for children’s rooms or for bedrooms that require increased functionality.

Do you need a Murphy bed?


If you are arranging a space in which you do not have a lot of space for decorations and furniture, then we advise practicality. Folding furniture can be a great solution. This can be applied even with tables and chairs, but they do not take up as much space as a double bed.

Tourist accommodations apply this trick to increase the functionality of the rooms they rent out. As we mentioned, we have often seen them in movies from the 80s and even older than that.

The decision whether you need a Murphy bed is yours alone, depending on what you want to achieve with the arrangement of the space. Contact the professionals at Lori Wall Beds to find an option that works for your space.

How to choose such a bed?

Now that you understand what a Murphy bed actually entails, it’s time to decide whether to buy one and whether it would be functional in your home. That’s why we are here, to help you take this challenge and buy a product that you will actually use.

1. Measure the dimension of the room well


When you know the dimensions, it is easier to plan what furniture to put. In family homes, Murphy beds are used in guest rooms, which are often smaller than the main bedroom or other bedrooms.

Also, people often put these beds in rooms where rarely someone sleeps, but sometimes there is a need for it. So you could use the room for other purposes as well, for example when you work from home and need peace and privacy.

Some people install such a bed in the living room. On the surface, it looks like the most ordinary closet, but if guests come and you don’t have a guest room, it transforms into a sleeping bed. It can be a great solution for your movie nights or other family gatherings.

2. Assess the room layout

More important than the dimensions is how the room looks on the architectural plan. This will help you find the right location for the bed without having to move other items out of the room.

Also, assessing the room layout will help you decide whether the bed will be placed horizontally or vertically. It all depends on how high the room is and how many free walls you have at the moment.

3. Choose a good mattress


A good mattress is everything. If the mattress is not comfortable, then there is really no point in using it for sleeping. But when it comes to Murphy beds, there are a few tricky moments that we must be aware of.

Due to folding, it may happen that the mattress loses its elasticity. This happens even if it is rarely used. Therefore, choose a mattress with the maximum thickness as the space allows. If you can, keep spare pillows and sheets in there too.

You can purchase a mattress as soon as you order the bed, so they can deliver a model with the correct dimensions.

4. For what purpose will you use it for?

This is a very important factor. If you use it daily, you should invest in quality. Look for a company that can make a bed according to your measurements. Invest in a quality mattress.

Guests stay for one to two nights, so even if it’s longer, an average quality mattress won’t make a big difference. But if you’re sleeping on a bad mattress year-round, you can feel like you’re constantly in pain and even like you’re never getting enough sleep.

5. Choose the right mechanism


You have two options – spring or piston mechanism. Spring is much simpler and cheaper and requires regular maintenance. If you want a piston mechanism, then you should also know that it is an air pressure solution, and the durability is more than satisfactory.

6. Appearance and design as you like

As much as we don’t like to admit it, we all enjoy aesthetics. Of course, there aren’t many options for aesthetic experience in a Murphy bed, but still, it doesn’t have to be just simple wooden slabs. In fact, you can make interesting shelves or drawers and drawers where there will be space for spare blankets and bedding.

7. Do not use heavy mattresses


Heavy mattresses sag under their own weight when placed vertically. Therefore, look for one of the lightweight options, so you can be sure that the chances of damage are really low.


When investing in something as big and serious as a Murphy bed, you must always look for quality. It will allow you easy maintenance and great functionality of the solution. If the bed is not of good quality, then damage may occur and it may not be functional at all when you have sleeping guests over.

Of course, you must not make compromises if you use such beds on a daily basis. Comfort is key, but so is the functionality of the bed. Therefore, consider this an investment in your comfort and in the smarter use of space in small homes.

We hope that our article will help you find the ideal solution for you.