5 Interesting Facts You Should Know Before Visiting the Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles
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Are you visiting Paris and thinking about skipping your visit to the Palace of Versailles?

If you do it, you will not be happy with your decision for the rest of the time until you plan to visit Paris again.

This statement is enough to gather all your diverging thoughts and book your visit to the Palace of Versailles.

If there is one word that describes this place, it is fabulous. Also, if you happen to be around the capital, you will love everything this luxurious place offers.

You will love every piece of detailing at this place and feel like booking your stay here without any delays. But, it might feel sad that no visitor can stay at this palace.

So, the best alternative for you is to book a place near this palace to visit it when you feel like doing it.

Now, let’s understand what makes this palace so deserving to be on top of any visitors’ list.

1. The Built And Interiors

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The palace is home to the Hall of Mirrors, which consists of seventeen arches. These arches have 21 mirrors, and they are in the opposite seventeen windows.

Also, the palace has a hall that is 75 meters long that has various complex paintings as a part of it.

Also, the huge glass chandelier dangling down the hall is sure to give you a royal vibe.

The palace’s walls have various gold statues, a treat to the eye.

Also, if you visit the palace on any special occasion, you will spot several 20,000 candles that transform the room into a sparkling retreat. Also, the palace had some 350 areas known as living units.

The area had multi-room apartments and the sizes of the room varied. The size was allotted based on the designation of the person to whom the size was allotted.

2. The Palace’s Theatre

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If you are a music lover, you will be happy to discover the personal Opera House of this palace.

The Opera House and Theatre are known as The Royal Opera of Versailles. Sometimes, it is also known as the Theatre Gabriel. It draws its name from the man whose design skill is a result of the form of this place.

The man who designed this place is Ange-Jacques Gabriel. When you visit this theatre for the first time, its appearance appears marble.

But you will be surprised to know that it results from wood construction and is also known as faux marble.

It is an architectural beauty, and you will love the place when you first visit it. During the peak season, you might visit a major footfall over here, and hence, you should have a glance at the Versailles tickets in advance.

3. The Garden, Flowers, And Trees

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The Garden of Versailles is equally famous, and the main reason behind it is its amazing width, as it is spread over 1,976 acres.

You can spot numerous trees in the garden. You will be surprised to know that as many as two hundred thousand trees are planted in the garden yearly.

The flowers and trees are a treat to watch. Also, the fountains are nothing less than beautiful in the garden.

Also, the beauty of this place dates back to King Louis XIV’s reign. Also, he had spent nearly one-third of the palace’s budget on the design and building of the palace.

Since the 1600s, the palace has been of immense beauty and still holds in the present day.

Also, some of the fountains tend to use the original hydraulics systems for functioning.

4. The Entry Gates

The palace entrance has golden gates, but they are not original. The original gates were torn down and were subject to destruction and were destroyed during the French Revolution.

The replicas were worked upon, and the same was installed as the palace entrance in 2008.

But, you need not worry about the view as they are as plentiful as the original gates. The new gates have 100,000 gold leaves, and the price for constructing the new gates is a whopping five million Euros.

Apart from the cost of the entry gates to the palace, the total cost of construction has been a matter of debate for many years.

But, the palace is so extravagant that the question of the price of the same gets a little difficult.

But, it comes down to one point the palace construction is one of the most expensive building projects that has made it to the talk of history.

Here’s an interesting fact that you should know about the palace. The Palace of Versailles was initially preferred as a hunting lodge to King Louis when the project started.

However, when his son came into the picture, the bling started, and the palace got the charm it emits in the present scenario.

5. Interiors And Governmental Dealings

Interiors And Governmental Dealings
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While discussing the palace’s interiors, the kitchen is the first one that should be discussed. When you visit the palace, hundreds of cooks work inside the kitchen.

But, during the old time, it was said that the royal family used to eat cold meals. Now, what could be the possible reason behind this?

They say that the distance between the dining room and the kitchen is so big that the food used to get cold. Now, that’s something new yet unbelievable logic.

It would help if you visited the palace in Paris and discovered the distance between the dining room and the kitchen.

Apart from the royal family, government workers were also in the palace. Also, there were servants present that helped in running the errands.

Hence, sometimes, the King used to feel overcrowded with so many people.

Hence, the King planned his new home and built a smaller palace which is approximately 1.5 kilometers away from the Palace of Versailles.

Hence, he could have the me-time away from the limelight over here.


The Palace of Versailles is an extraordinary architectural feat that experiences footfall in millions each year.

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of France, just a stone’s throw away from this historical masterpiece, you can find an array of beautiful French apartments. These charming residences offer a unique opportunity to live in the heart of French culture, with their elegant designs and classic French allure.

It is an elaborate complex, and whenever you visit Paris, you should not forget to visit this beauty.

It is a magnificent castle, and you will love every moment of your visit. So, book your tickets to this place as soon as you can.