5 Most Popular Talk Show Hosts of All Time

The modern era of the media and television has long accustomed us to different formats. However, we are most inclined to view those who will at the same time keep us informed and entertained. They all deal with some burning issues – such as politics, culture, technology, etc. Still, we mostly love the ones where we get to see celebrities in some unusual situations. You will admit that sometimes it’s fun to take a peek into someone’s private life.

For these reasons, a talk show format has rapidly grown in its popularity. The hosts of modern talk show programs are almost racing for better viewers rating – offering us almost everything from science to reality stars on a silver platter. And who are the people whose talk show programs we most enjoy watching? What is the secret of their popularity and what is hiding behind the talk show program? We will try to explain.

We Love Talk Shows – And That’s A Fact

Television programming has never been as rich as it has been in recent years. From over-producing TV series, reality shows and various thematic and mosaic shows – some of the long-running talk show formats enjoy cult status. However, even some new ones, after just a couple of seasons of broadcasting, are ranked side by side with these cult ones.

It is because of them that we spend many evenings in front of the TV screens – and wait for the evening prime time to listen to all the stars from show business, fashion, music, theatre, and Hollywood have to say. Their reach is especially important when it comes to celebrities visiting current political, social, economic and cultural events.

Most talk shows have the comic character – so in addition to adoring hosts, this format brings a smile on our face, sharpens our hearing and brings a bunch of new interesting information and guests. And we must not forget the ‘in house’ bands that add to the popularity of the show with their musical background and performances.

Source: Rolling Stone

Going Back To Past

It should be kept in mind that we are talking about the most popular talk show hosts of all time. Some of them are no longer among us, but their works have remained recorded in the history of television. We often remember them, and luckily, there are those TV channels that sometimes bring us back to the past – offering us to watch reruns of the most popular talk shows ever.

You can still watch many of these shows today through the services of satellite providers. If you want to give yourself some real pleasure in watching television, visit here. Speaking of TV programs and popular TV shows – this kind of service does just that. You’ll get a wider selection of channels and more choice when it comes to the content you watch. Of course, a better signal and cleaner image are all for sure.

Talk Show – Best Evening Entertainment

Each talk show is greatly marked by its host. These are names that have largely helped the television content to be perceived not only as entertainment – but also as quality and essential.

Therefore, we love to hear the voices of Stephen Colbert, Graham Norton, Jimmy Kimmel in our homes – and we were especially pleased by David Letterman’s big comeback with the interesting concept of the talk show called My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. We bring you our choice of X popular talk show hosts of all time. If you haven’t started watching them yet – this selection will surely help you get started.

1. Johnny Carson

Source: Duluth News Tribune

He is said to be a legend of the talk show program. He was the uncrowned king of television and his more than 30 years of prolific career speak for him. Johnny Carson has become a symbol of longevity and popularity and remains a role model for many who began this business after him.

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson has introduced many novelties to this TV format. His monologues, interesting sketches and characters have remained forever remembered and recorded in the history of television. Johnny Carson died in 2005 and went straight to being a TV legend.

2. David Letterman

Source: Vanity Fair

He was certainly a worthy successor to Johnny Carson. He is one of the pillars of American television, which holds the record for running popular evening programs – and in 2015 he retired from television. David Letterman has more than 6,000 evening shows in his career, which began in 1978. His shows have won 11 Emmy Awards and have been nominated more than 100 times.

He first appeared as a CBS presenter on August 30, 1993, on “The Late Night Show.” He began his career on NBC in 1982. The last Letterman’s “Late Night Show” lasted 15 minutes longer than usual – because he thanked his longtime colleagues. Steven Colbert, the presenter of Comedy Central, will succeed Letterman on CBS.

3. Oprah Winfrey

Source: Oprah.com

One of the most powerful and at the same time the richest women in the world that gained her empire over the long 25 years of her talk show. However, many people don’t know that Oprah Winfrey earned much of her wealth from a completely unusual source. According to the Forbs site – this showbiz mag is worth a whopping $ 3.1 billion. Of course, the biggest bite of this sum is made thanks to her show – but things changed significantly in the past few years. In 2015, Oprah acquired a 10% stake in Weight Watchers, which was a $ 58.6 million investment.

After announcing the partnership, the stock price of this company exploded – and this trend has continued to this day. Investing in a company whose customers are overweight people has also motivated Oprah herself to lose more than 40 pounds, which is the biggest advertisement for the company. By the end of 2024, this brand is projected to be worth more than $ 2 billion and attract ten million users worldwide. So if that goes well, Oprah Winfrey’s fortunes will grow.

4. Jimmy Kimmel

Source: The Daily Beast

For the 15th season, Kimel is the host of the talk show called Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC  – and has been nominated multiple times for an Emmy Award. He was even one of the presenters of the Oscar ceremony, nominated by Academy Awards.

He ran the 89th Academy Awards ceremony, which was one of the most-watched – but not without scandal, as there were confusion and mixed envelopes. Still, according to people in the film industry, Jimmy has proven, from the introductory monologue to the end – that he is one of the best hosts in the history of this ceremony.

5. Ellen DeGeneres

Source: Fox News

She is sweet, blonde and infinitely humorous. She is one of the first actresses who tried in this business and succeed despite admitting openly that she is gay. The former sitcom she starred in was very popular – but her character was dropped from the series after she spoke publicly about her sexual orientation.

Her talk show Ellen was first introduced in 2003. To the younger audience, this actress is also known for lending her voice to Dory the fish in the animated movie Finding Nemo.