Is Enclosed Car Transportation Worth The Money

Sometimes you need to transport your vehicle, but it is not possible to drive it, or you want an easier solution. Luckily, there are two options for car transportation. One of them is open, and the other one is closed transportation. Your car will be safe whatever you choose, but there is some difference between them, and it is necessary to learn more about it. This text can help with facts about car transportation, but if you are sure which one suits you more, check and find a reliable one for your loved car.

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Similarities and differences

The main similarity between those two types of transportation is that both are an accomplished way of transporting vehicles by truck. The difference is in the type of trailers that transport them. Enclosed transportation is guaranteeing full protection of the vehicles since the trailer is completely enclosed. Besides that, it is not crowded, and one truck is transporting only a couple of cars. That makes your vehicle safe from damages during the ride, and it is perfect for new, oldtimer, or collectible cars.

On the other hand, open transportation is a little different. The truck that carries them has, in most cases, two levels, and it can get crowded. It can carry up to 10 vehicles, and they are not protected like in the enclosed trailer. However, it can be a perfect choice for some car that you are driving all the time since they are used to every weather condition.

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Good and bad sides of enclosed transportation

As is mention before, the best thing is that the car you want to transport is safe and protected all the time, from any potential damage that road debris and weather can cause. Truck drivers are always the most experienced that one company has, and with the glove option, it is possible to track it and make sure that everything is right at every moment. Besides all that, the car is the only one in the trailer, so it is impossible to be damaged. It is possible to communicate with the driver, and have the full insight into the transport.

Everything is transparent and has great insurance protection. Since the driver is driving only one vehicle, he can pay attention to them all the time. It is also possible to know the location and the progress to the final destination at every moment.

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Types of enclosed transportation

So far, we have only mentioned one-car trailers where your car is the only one inside. It is not the only way to do all that, but it is the most expensive one. It is perfect for the oldtimers and other valuable cars when just one little scratch can be too expensive to fix. The other one is two-car trailers where your vehicle is sharing the trailer with another one, and it is a cheaper variant. It is still the safe version for high-priced cars since the damage is almost impossible during the ride.

The most affordable option is multi-car trailers, and they can carry up to seven automobiles. That means that your auto is sharing the trailer with six more, but they are fully protected from the weather and road debris. All of those variants are safe, and it is up to you to choose the right one.  It can depend on many factors, but the most important is vehicle characteristics.

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Factors that affect the price

Besides the method of transportation, there are some other factors that you should keep in mind when calculating the costs of moving the automobile from one place to another. They are:

  • The distance of transportation – If the distance is longer, the price per mile is going to be cheaper. For shorter distances, you need to keep in mind that there are fuel costs to cover. Regarding that, it can be possible that transferring the car from one town to another can be expensive like you are moving it through the whole country.
  • Destinations – This applies to the start and final location. That means that if the starting point is some rural area, that can be a little challenging for the truck driver. The same situation is with the arrival destination too. Because of that, the costs can be higher, and the time of picking up and delivering too. Many companies are avoiding this type of transportation, especially if it is for only one vehicle. Inform yourself well, and try to find a reliable company to make sure that you will get the best service available.
  • Model of the vehicle and its condition – It is always easier to move something smaller and lighter, and the same thing is with cars. Smaller and lighter wheels are also cheaper for shipping since they need less space, and it is not necessary to use special trailers. The other important thing is its condition. If it is not possible to drive and move, it is harder to put one on the trailer. That means that the price is going to be higher since sometimes the company needs to use a forklift or a truck to put them on a trailer.
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Final thoughts

Enclosed transportation is more expensive than an open one, but it is surely more safe for your vehicle. Keep in mind that more time is necessary for the first one, but, as a great advantage, the car cannot get dirty, and more importantly, it cannot be damaged in any way. Adding the costs of cleaning or repairing it to the transportation costs can result in the same price as you paid for the enclosed type.

Costs aside, for everyone who treasures their cars, watching them get dirty or ruined after the ride can be pretty stressful. The enclosed transportation can keep the vehicle safe, clean, and ready to drive or show it on exhibition right after the transport without any extra costs. Many drivers prefer that way since, for them, their automobile is something that they truly love, and that means that it deserves the best.