4 Benefits of Improving Your Click Per Second Rate for Gaming

Source: PC Gear Lab

Gaming is probably the only sport that is almost constantly at its peak. Thanks to new games coming out regularly and thanks to a broad audience willing to look and play those games, gamers and streamers are booming daily.

What we all know is that there is an improvement to be made daily if you want to stay on top of your games. Today we are talking about CPS (click per second) rate which is very important for gaming, FPS games the most.

Click per second rate measures how many clicks you can make in a second and it determines your ability to move your finger for a certain activity. Being able to click fast and snap your cursor on an opponent is very important in FPS games and it is far from being important to Multiplayer games.

The top CPS rate scored is 16 meaning someone has managed to click as much as 16 times per second which is remarkable and to all of us regular users’ godly ability. They claim that this result is achievable by a lot of rehearsing and a strategy that has to be followed. If you want to check your CPS rate and read more news regarding this check this site out.

Now let’s check out the benefits of an improved CPS rate for you!

1. Games

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Certain games benefit the most out of the higher CPS rate. Games like Minecraft, Dota 2 and many other see the fullest benefits of you improving your CPS rate. When in FPS multiplayer games or any other PvP game you being able to click fast is probably the only standing between a win or a loss. Minecraft is probably the game that should be a poster for fast clicking. If you don’t click fast you die. Yes, there are other abilities you need to have but whilst in a fight, your CPS of 7 and opponents of around 12 means that you will lose the fight nine times out of ten. In FPS shooter games a combo of fast clicking and Godspeed mouse movement are the things that get you on top of the best of the best list. Although the shooters don’t benefit as much from a faster CPS rate they do from mouse movement and the ability to flick to targets and fire instantly. CPS rate in FPS games will come in handy if you veiled a pistol or any other single fire gun that can start to behave like an automatic if you have a fast enough CPS rate.

2. Practice

Source: PC Gear Lab

Practice isn’t a benefit of a higher CPS rate but with practice, you can achieve it easily. Some techniques can allow you to improve the CPS and two of the most used ones are Claw grip and Butterfly click. Both of these techniques demand a lot of practice and if done properly you can bump up your CPS in a matter of minutes.

Claw grip demands tensing up a certain muscle group and then allowing your finger to vibrate on top of the desired mouse click. By doing this you will increase the CPS rate by 10% instantly and with a lot more practice you can achieve as far as 12CPS or more.

The Butterfly click is another technique that is quite simple but takes practice. What you do is set two fingers on top of desired mouse click and then alternate between them clicking. Click with one and with another fast enough and you just may increase your CPS rate. Why I said, „may increase“? Well, the fact is that you can increase the CPS rate if you practice and if you have a mouse capable of making a double click because this technique depends on that mouse possibility.

3. The hardware

Source: The Journey of Madden 591

To elaborate on what we previously mentioned regarding the right equipment. CPS rate can be increased on a piece of regular gaming equipment but just in a certain amount. What you will need to do if you want competitive results are to start switching to pro equipment meaning a mouse that can withstand more clicks, has a faster response time and that is allowing for that double click feature. A regular mouse can get you to a certain extent because they are neither built nor planned for usage in competitive games. Gaming-oriented hardware has a few features that will aid you and you will see a rather big increase in your CPS rate if you switch to them and utilize any technique from above.

4. Personal satisfaction

Source: AVG

If you are a casual gamer or you do streaming for a living you need to improve yourself in any regard possible. Casual gamers not that much but if you want a feel of being best among many others then you need to work on your abilities. Pro gamers and streamers have to improve constantly to keep up with the rest of the pack or to stay on top of one. There are always new, younger and always more capable ones that challenge you daily, meaning that the improvement in every aspect of you is a must. This means you have to work on your responses, your vision, your ability to smoothly transition from point A to Point B and click as fast as possible to make sure you get the first shot out. With training and constant upgrade, personal satisfaction comes as well and it will come in a form of financial gains or community gains, whatever you feel is more important to you.

In the end, all we have to tell you is to keep practising. Practice until you can’t do it any more and then practice some more. If you want to be competitive, if you want to hold on to the status you have now or increase on it then this is the way. When your practice reaches the top and it doesn’t produce any more positive results your next step is to reevaluate your equipment and build upon it to continue to improve. There is so much that is up to you as a player and everything else is up to what you use as a tool. Improve everywhere, and never forget that you always can do better.