5 Qualities to Look For When Hiring New Staff for Your Dental Practice

If you own dental practice, there is no doubt your top priority is to provide high-quality care to your patients. You want your patients to feel comfortable booking an appointment at your practice and have peace of mind that they will be cared for in the best way possible, one that will be consistent every time they visit. While a lot goes into creating this positive experience, much of that will depend on the staff you hire. The staff can truly make or break the experience for patients, so you need to be picky and specific during the hiring process.

Let’s take a look at some of the top qualities you’ll want to look for when hiring new staff for your dental practice.

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1. Excellent Communication Skills

Communication skills need to be top of the list as you hire staff. It doesn’t matter what role/job they will fill in the practice. Because it is a people-facing business, they need to have those all-important people skills. Patients need to feel as though they are being heard, listened to, and understood, and on the flip side, staff need to clearly communicate and explain various aspects to the patient.

2. What Is Their Training and Experience?

The next big thing to consider is the candidates’ training and experience. Depending on the job you are filling, they may need a minimum amount of each, and this isn’t something you can afford to be lenient about.

You can ask candidates how long they have been in the industry, what specific skills and qualifications they have, and you may even want to ask why they choose the industry.

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3. Someone Who is Organized and Can Multi-Task

If you run a busy dental practice, then it may also be important to find someone who can multi-task without getting flustered and while staying organized. Because you are working with patients, your staff need to have that strong attention to detail so no mistakes are made.

4. Excellent Time Management Skills are Key

This leads us right into the next quality, which is time-management skills. Again, it goes back to the busy fast pace that dental practices usually have. Time-management skills will be essential so that everyone stays on task, appointments don’t run late, and things operate smoothly.

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5. Where You Search Will Play a Role

The final tip has to do with the recruitment process. Where you place your job ad will actually help to determine the type of response you get. Posting online tends to be the way to go nowadays, and sites like www.dentaljobsonline.ie could be a good option. You want to be sure that wherever you post the job, it attracts professionals. This will make the hiring process smoother and more successful.

Bonus: How to Attract Talented Individuals?

Everything we just said will help you find the right staff for your dental practice. We recommend you apply each tip to simplify the entire process. However, there is another thing you need to take care of. If you want to attract a lot of good candidates, then you need to give them a reason to apply for the dental practice at your place.

Indeed, there are plenty of young people that would want to improve their knowledge and skills. However, it will waste a lot of your time to find the proper candidate if 99% of them do not meet the standards of your dental office. That is the reason why we decided to provide you with a couple of tips that will help you attract talented individuals. Let’s find them out!

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Research the Market before Everything

You have to spend some time on researching the market to find out which expectations and requirements the candidates will potentially have. Logically, the first thing you will have to do is to check out how much money your direct competitors invest in dental practice. More precisely, how high salary they offer to these talented people.

Of course, money is not the only factor that your future staff worries about. You also need to convince them throughout the job description that they will truly get the necessary training that will allow them to reach their career goals. Because of that, it is recommended to find a few samples of job descriptions for the dental practice before starting to write your own. Besides, you can always hire a professional content writer that will complete the job instead of you.

Partner with Reliable Institutions

Here we come to another way how you can find and attract staff for a dental practice. It is always smart to collaborate with dental schools or dental assistant programs. You can organize presentations at schools and colleges and allow future dentists to get familiar with the way your business is functioning. If you are a creative and communicative person (and we believe you are), then you will easily manage to grab the attention of many students. Will they meet the expectations you have is something you will find out after applying the pieces of advice we provided you with above. However, it is good to have an opportunity to choose between more people!

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Use Social Media

Is there a young person that does not have a social media account? You do not have to use Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms just to promote your services. Instead of that, you can use these networks to promote the practice culture of your business. There is a big chance young adults would primarily check your social media to see who you are, which successes you have achieved so far, etc. After they do that, there is a big chance they will check out your website and apply for the dental practice (of course, if your “dental practice ad campaign” is good).

Find the Right People for the Job

By using each of these tips you’ll be able to breeze through the hiring process and find the right person for the job at your dental practice.