Features Of Oracle Cloud – What Are Automated Testing Solutions?

The popularity of Oracle Cloud faced extreme growth. All those enterprises that are seeking opportunities to accelerate their release cycles, to start with continuous delivery while reducing so-called Turn Around Time saw the potential in Oracle Cloud. However, as you probably already know they need to automate testing as well as drive application defensibility primarily so they can achieve mentioned goals.

When it comes to the core of Oracle Cloud infrastructure it is obvious that the main Oracle Database as well as Fusion Middleware are generously perfect for the IT running and operating. Since Oracle is scaling up its infrastructure, it is evident that the number of enterprises is bigger and they all want to get familiar with the offers of the Oracle Cloud.

However, they will need to make sure that their application works perfectly without mistakes across the Oracle Cloud infrastructure. In this path, test automation will help them. In this article, you are going to find everything that you should know regarding the topic of what automated testing solution presents and what are the main features of the Oracle Cloud platform.

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What is Oracle Test Automation Solution?

First thing first, for all of those who are still not familiar with what exactly Oracle Test Automation stands for, let’s explain. Oracle Test Automation is generally targeted at driving end-to-end test coverage. This happens through special automated tests across different applications that Oracle Cloud infrastructure is running. Test automation provides seamless and perfect execution of all test cases essential for the validation process of adherence to the cloud updates and its features. In that process, all bugs in the existing code are identified and finally, it can be verified that the overall system works properly.

Features Of Oracle Cloud

Now, you are probably wondering what are the crucial features of Oracle Cloud infrastructure. Well, first of all, Oracle Cloud executes tests in a very fat, reproducible, and continuous way which is extremely effective. Along with that, it ensures that there is no any type of defects delivered by the DevOps team. It is also worth mentioning the features such as providing minimizing manual efforts, increasing productivity, and reducing costs of testing. For this purpose you may need to learn how to manage offshore team effectively. In addition to that, all testing efforts in any case of potential changes are minimized. The security is increased as well as the compliance with regulatory standards when Oracle Cloud platform upgrades are tested and finally, validated.

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Test Automation Specialists

When it comes to Automating Oracle testing on the Oracle Cloud platform, it is linked to the operating procedure with diverse technologies and interfaces across the overall infrastructure. Logically, it requires the expertise of test automation specialists that can design, run and manage effectively the automated test efficiency by having minimum manual interference.

How to Perform Oracle Test Automation?

In general, the Oracle Cloud platform represents a highly creative and feature-laden environment for all enterprise applications. However, it is crucial that those applications are not having any types of bugs. In the process of ensuring this is this crucial to perform test automation on Oracle Cloud that you can do by visiting Opkey.

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What are the main steps involved in the process of Oracle Test Automation?

The first step refers to modularizing the general architecture. This process will enable the easy handling of the application at all levels. Additionally, people should know that the mentioned process can further help them in the structure organization.

The second step stands for selecting the right tools. There are generally various different test automation tools that can be used for testing the oracle cloud application. It is highly crucial to choose the right one, so everything can work seamlessly in the process of selecting the test automation tool, it is significant to put into consideration some of the crucial points. For instance, you should check whether the tool is supporting the Oracle Cloud infrastructure. Further, you should also seek whether it promotes codeless automation that does not require codes. Finally, you should also check whether the application is self-checking and healing and whether it expedites the fully-fledged API test automation process.

The third step refers to creating a test framework. You are probably wondering what this refers to. Well, you must create a test framework by maintaining the test cases that are related to different services. When you are done with that, every microservice or sub-component needs to be configured and automated in the right way which means accordingly. The mentioned procedure will enable writing function, regression, and lastly scalability tests. Finally, it will also help leverage prebuilt test cases from the library of the Oracle Cloud platform.

Best Practices for Performing Oracle Test Automation

While performing test automation, you should consider the following significant key aspects.

The first key aspect refers to choosing the right test cases for the process of automation. The test cases for this process need to be chosen based on the expected outcome and the criteria that are approved. This will lead to translating to segregating the test cases per the functional aspects and those that are not functional. Additionally, identifying the scope of automating the redundant, high-risks, error-prone, or manually intensive tests.

The second key aspect is linked to the selection of the right automation partner. Everyone should understand that test automation includes more than just putting in scripts to the test automation framework. It is crucial to comprehend the underlying logic behind the process of using the right partner for the work. One of the main failures refers to overlooking the holistic test automation features that are available.

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Lastly, the test automation process is the potential for future growth, therefore it is very important for enterprises to build a highly strong and powerful test automation strategy to leverage the same. The mentioned process will require a strong understanding of the feasibility of automating tests assets and the return on the investments for the needs of specific projects. Therefore, it is highly important for enterprises to build a strong and effective strategy when it comes to testing automation.