Expedited Shipping: Everything That You Need To Know About It

We can all agree that shopping online is one of the major advantages that we can enjoy nowadays. However, as amazing as it can be to just open up your laptop, your tablet, or Smartphone, and have access to millions of websites from where you can choose all of the products and goods that you want to be delivered right at your door, one big inconvenient is always present when it comes to receiving those purchases.

PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Survey is indicating that now, and more than ever, the consumers are expecting and demanding fast, secure, and reliable shipping services, the standard shipping services don’t cut it for us anymore, and that is a fact. It is not enough to just order something online and have it delivered to your home; how fast the purchase gets to you and how soon you’ll get to enjoy it is also a crucial part, an important element in the whole home shopping online experience.

The most suitable answer to that specific part of the shopping experience is a shipping method called expedited shipping, and if you have never heard of the concept, keep reading and visit roadLINX shipping, to find out everything about it.

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What is expedited shipping?

Now first things first, you might be wondering at this point what exactly is expedited shipping, and the answer to that is pretty simple. Expedited shipping is a method of shipping freight that makes sure that the products and goods you’ve ordered online arrive much faster to you than they would if you were using any other shipping method. This shipping method is significantly faster than the standard one, due to the mere fact that the trucks or vehicles used to transport these expedited shipping goods do not stop at many stations. They instead go from the supplier or the store, directly to the buyer, making the shipping process, naturally, a lot more efficient and quick.

What time frames to expect while using expedited shipping?

The timings of expedited shipping may vary, depending on your location, the location of the supplier of the goods, and the company that you choose for your expedited shipping service. Usually, anything less than 5 days waited to receive a product, would be considered expedited shipping. In general, two to three days is the average time for a bought item to arrive at your doorstep.

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What about the costs?

Now that you’ve heard about how efficient, fast, and reliable the expedited shipping service is, you might be thinking to yourself, what is the catch? After all, there must be something, right? You might go directly and think about the shipping costs, which are, naturally, higher than the average shipping methods’ costs, and you might ask yourself, is the extremely quick, and fast shipping experience worth the extra cost?

It depends on how you see it and your specific shipping needs, but generally, it absolutely is worth it. If you need any type of item delivered within a pretty strict time frame then you might definitely want to opt for this shipping method. Any type of item can be shipped using this express shipping method, there are no restrictions on the size, dimensions, and weight of the packages. The extra cost offers you a whole lot of advantages, like extreme speed, real-time delivery updates, complete item tracking, full security…

It is the best option for emergency shipping

Think about the cases in which you would want the item that you purchased to arrive as fast as possible. Maybe it’s an emergency, and you need the purchased item as quickly as you can manage to, in this case, the expedited shipping option is a life saving ideal.

Many businesses often opt for this shipping method, medical facilities being one of them.

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Expedited shipping and growing your business

Maybe you have a business, and you might ask yourself, how can the expedited shipping method help your business grow. The answer to that is simple, there are a lot of methods in which this express shipping service is going to help your business succeed and expand, depending on the type of business that you are running and your specific individual needs. If you have a drop-shipping business for example, you might want to offer your clients extremely fast shipping time frames, if your business requires providing certain materials that are in a raw state, then expedited it shipping is also going to come in handy, making sure that you receive the materials, in their freshest of forms. The expected shipping method is also perfect, when you are purchasing something that is fragile, and you might just want the added security just for your peace of mind, as it only uses one vehicle from the store to you, cutting down many steps of the handling process. Therefore, the less your product is handled, the safer it will be if it’s fragile, reducing vastly, as well, any chances for it to be damaged or lost.

What else should you know about expedited shipping?

This express shipping method comes in very handy and all types of emergencies. It can be used as a plan B in an urgent case, or as a solution for any problem that might occur. Anything that you might need, and want, fast, this shipping method is the answer for you.

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If you are a business owner, a drop shipper, for example, and your client wants an item to be purchased for them immediately, or you receive a last minute’s demand. With the expedited shipping method, you can make that just happen. With expected shipping you can allow yourself the luxury of security, speed and safety. You don’t have to worry about your package being lost, not arriving in time, and most of all, you don’t have to wait those torturous days, before seeing the product that you wanted and picked out from a shopping website online, at your doorstep and in your hands.