Energy Efficiency – Heat Recovery Systems in Industry

If you have a business that operates within the heating industry – you know for sure what heat recovery is. Heat recovery is very important for energy savings and therefore energy efficiency as well. This is a process that utilizes wasted heat, which is diverted to various other processes in your business. In the procedure of heat recovery, it is possible to operate special systems used or installed in industrial facilities, halls or warehouses. Systems of this type are very useful, and here’s why …

Energy Using

Energy use and production are areas of human activities that have the most harmful effect on nature. This influence is partly dependent on the laws that govern in nature, such as when converting lower quality energy into higher quality energy. However, in many situations, environmental pollution is not inevitable. It is more connected to inefficient energy consumption, the use of non-renewable sources and the lack of will to extract waste from that production. Negative consequences of energy use can be completely overcome, though it sometimes requires considerable resources.

The Purpose Of Industrial Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery is a procedure of snatching extremely hot gasses during their exit through industrial components like gasifiers, furnaces, oxidizers, turbines, etc. They are redirected into other diverse procedures that are done within the production. Basically, we can conclude –  this procedure reuses the same energy that, in another way, would’ve been be wasted. Today, such procedures are massively utilized in many different industries. All this is happening for a reason. Refining and recycling procedures that expel energy are having a tremendous effect on the industry as well as individual businesses.

The Importance Of The Heat Energy Recovery

Nowadays, when we are increasingly striving for energy efficiency, the importance of heat energy recovery is very significant, and here is why:

Increasing Efficiency

As it is expected, we all know and acknowledge the potency of expanding heat energy efficiency. From applying it into our home-devices to driving new models of cars that are fuel-efficient. We are investing in ourselves and keeping pace with technology. We have to be sure that everything in our world functions as efficiently as it is possible. If we think about better efficiency and productivity on a larger scale, like in industrial facilities or production plants – then, this is even more important. Any industrial object or a factory that wants to install such systems won’t have to suffer any extreme changes. On the other hand, such systems will have an enormous impact on both, the business itself, as well as the industry.

Preserving Resources

We are very well aware of the fact that we have limited resources. This is especially noticeable in the past few decades. Unfortunately, we are using our supplies much faster than we can ever recompense them. Therefore, ensuring more efficient usage and conservation of resources should be a top priority for everyone. Especially for industrial businesses! By waste reusing, industrial businesses could greatly help in conservating resources. Implementation of a heating recovery system would eliminate using another heating source. Such a responsible move would bring benefits in preserving existing sources of energy.

Source: ThermaXX Jackets

Waste Reduction

When we’re having regular manufacturing procedures in plants, they are producing heat, which unavoidably results with waste production. Though it is true that some type of waste we simply can’t avoid, waste heating is the one that can be used for another purpose. It means we should use it instead of just rejecting it. For instance, redirection of waste gas and exploit it as a heating derivate would greatly reduce the amount of that same gas delivered into the atmosphere.

The Role Of The Heat Recovery Units

Although they have the same primary role, industrial heat recovery systems are made in wide varieties. They aim to detain energy from gases accumulated during industrial processes. According to Exodraft, they are converting gases into hot water, extracting the heat energy. That way, almost 80% of energy can be saved, that is – recovered. Otherwise, it would be lost. These recovery units have an extreme impact within the industry, looking from the efficiency point of view. Although you may be initially worried about investing, in most economic budgets the investment pays off in less than two years.

How Can Energy Recovery System Benefit Your Industrial Facility?

We have already pointed to many advantages of using such systems. However, it can benefit your business in a few more ways.

1. It Will Help In Reducing Operating Costs Of Your Industrial Facility

Most industrial facilities are constantly searching for effective methods of making their expenses lower and their profit higher. By using the heating recovery system, you’ll be on the right path to achieve these goals.

2. Energy Consumption Of Your Facility

As we already said, reducing waste and increasing efficiency – that is what this technology provides. The recovery heat application was preceded by numerous activities using modern research methods as well as techniques and technologies for conversion to useful energy. The methods of exploitation and application are depending to a large extent on the potential of the particular industry as well as the use of resources.

3. Environmental Awareness

Besides reduced consumption of energy and lower operating costs, you will also enjoy another benefit – reducing waste. Many types of waste generated in the industrial facilities are extremely toxic and quite dangerous. Therefore, they must not be released through the chimneys. They should be incinerated and safely disposed of. Why wouldn’t you use recovery systems instead? It will help you make waste gases useful while contributing to the better operation of your industrial plant.


The world needs more and more energy. The steady increase in population brings with it increased energy needs. Therefore, we are in a constant search for different sources to cover our energy needs. Unfortunately, we are meeting these energy needs mostly from non-renewable energy sources, like fossil fuels – coal, oil, etc. Because of these problems, it is logical to find a better solution for energy needs. There is a solution to the vicious circle between harmful emissions, global warming, climate change and rising energy consumption. The solution is the use of renewable energy! Many scientists believe that there will soon be a full transition to renewable energy and that it is only a matter of time. We hope so!