Is Electric Shaver the Best Gift For Men

Whether you’re finding a gift for a 16-year-old boy who has just started growing a beard or you’re looking for a gift for father’s day, an electric shaver is the best gift that is suitable and useful for every man.

There are many reasons why an electric razor is the best gift for men, the first advantage is its efficiency and convenience, you can easily use it anywhere even when you’re traveling and with a single charge, you can have multiple shaves.

Best electric shavers come with both wet and dry features, if you’re in a hurry you may simply use it dry. You can also use it in the shower using a shaving gel or foam.

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As per, there are electric shavers that are best for sensitive skin and most of the time men who have sensitive skin select foil shavers over rotary shavers since the foil shavers are gentle on the skin and allow a comfortable shave without irritation.

Braun provides the best electric razors which are good for all skin types and are available in both high and low price range. The expensive models of Braun shavers perform better and allow a great shaving experience. All the top models of Braun shaver have a charging and cleaning station that saves a lot of time by cleaning the electric shaver automatically.

Not everyone is fond of using foil shaver, men who grow a heavy beard would like to select the rotary shaver which is best for shaving the thick and heavy beards. Rotary shavers come with 3 separate shaving heads and as you move the shaver on the face it follows the contour of your face that allows a closer shave.


Philips offers one of the top rotary shavers that come in all price range from affordable shavers to high-end rotary shavers that is packed with a lot of features and all the expensive Philips shavers have cleaning and charging station which is quite helpful if you hate to clean your shaver manually.

High-end electric shavers can be the best gift for young men who can easily adapt to new features, and they love to try new options and get used to it easily but If you’re selecting an electric shaver for someone who is old, then you must understand that older people do not prefer new and complicated options and like things to be simple.

If you’re selecting an electric shaver as a gift for your grandfather or your dad who is in his old age, then you must choose an electric razor that is simple to use and does not come with lots of confusing features and options that will be difficult for them to use.

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An electric shaver that has just the basic function of shaving a beard would be a great gift for an old age user since old people don’t like to operate complicated devices and gadgets. Electric shavers having fewer options are not only easy and simple to use but they are also very affordable since they do not come with too many fancy features.

Whether it’s a rotary shaver or foil shaver, all the top brands of shavers are ergonomically designed in a way that glides smoothly on the skin so that you can easily shave without much effort. The reason why people prefer using an electric razor over a manual razor is that a manual razor is not cost-effective in a long run and it requires a lot of preparation before you start shaving.

Most of the time if you shave with a manual razor you need water, a mirror, shaving foam, and need to be careful while shaving for nicks and cuts. Therefore, if you shave with a manu8al razor you need to do be in the washroom, however, it’s not the case with the electric shaver since you can simply shave your beard anytime and anywhere.

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There are few points that you need to keep in mind if you want to buy an electric shaver as a gift. Electric razors are both corded and cordless but all the latest electric shavers that you find these days have the cordless feature. Cordless shavers are quite convenient and you can take the shaver anywhere you like to, however, recharging a shaver can be a hindrance if the electric shaver requires to be recharged quite frequently.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who is a frequent traveler, then he must definitely have a rechargeable electric shaver. Some people prefer corded electric shaver for its maximum power and they don’t have to worry about recharging the shaver all the time. However, there are some drawbacks of corded electric shavers and the number one problem with a corded electric shaver is that it restricts you to just one place and you can buy it if you don’t travel a lot or if you don’t leave your home quite often.

If you are selecting a chargeable shaver, you must pay extra attention to its charging time and how long will you be able to use the shaver once it’s fully charged, and if the battery drains out quickly then its not a good electric razor and you need to keep in mind that a long battery time is an always a plus point

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Electric shaver needs frequent cleaning after each shave and If you’re a person who is quite busy and don’t have much time to clean your shaver then you must opt for the one that comes with a cleaning and charging unit which can be quite useful and you don’t have to clean the shaver manually.


Are electric shavers the best gift for men? It definitely is one of the best gifts you can buy. As you can see from the article above, men of all ages can use it. With an electric shaver at their disposal, they can keep their beards in check, always looking sharp. So, if you have any doubts about whether to buy one or not, do so – your man will love it.