How to Choose an ELD Device – 2024 Buying Tips?

If you are a truck driver, then this article is right for you to find out the latest things. We believe that it’s necessary for you to keep up with the latest legal provisions regarding your profession so that you do not have problems. Well, one such law has recently became active, just three months ago, more specifically December 16, in 2019. This law is about replacing one of the mandatory devices found in every commercial vehicle, the AOBRD. Namely, all commercial vehicle drivers have to update their devices with a more modern version called ELD.

The last date for this was December 16 of the last year, so we believe you were responsible and acted legally, that is, replaced your old Automatic On-Board Recording Device (AOBRD). However, failures do occur, so you may need to replace your existing ELD at some point. Or you just need to buy appliances for new commercial vehicles. Whatever it is, it’s always good to have reliable information and appropriate help. That’s why we’re here today, to give you some tips for choosing an ELD device in 2024. So, you can read the best 2024 buying tips below. If you want to learn more about ELD devices and latest ELD Mandate Update, we suggest you visit, and find out everything that interests you. Now, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

What is an ELD Device?

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If you are encountering the term ‘ELD device’ for the first time, then we believe that first of all it is necessary to clarify what these devices are, what they serve for and some other useful things.

So ELD is an abbreviation for Electronic Logging Device. These gadgets are used in commercial vehicles such as trucks or buses. Their main purpose is to measure driving hours completely automatically. There is a set of rules called Hours of Service (HOS) that governs the maximum number of hours a commercial vehicle driver can spend behind the steering wheel. This method has been used for a long time, but has been done before with older versions of electronic devices or even paper logbooks.

However, ELDs have revolutionized commercial vehicle hardware in some ways not too long ago. Now recording is much more accurate, and this is just one of the features of these very useful devices. In addition, there are features such as GPS tracking, resolving various issues such as vehicle maintenance, idle time tracking, electronic data transfer, etc. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is very important to have this unit for your fleet of vehicles.

How to Choose an ELD Device-2020 Buying Tips?

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1. Choose devices that are compatible and easy to use

As mentioned earlier, ELDs are a relatively new thing on the market, so many may find it really difficult to choose the right products for their fleet of vehicles. As you can see, compatibility is the first thing that will affect ease of use later. So, assuming you have multiple different vehicle models or brands, it is very important to choose a universal solution that will fit in any combination.

If you buy a compatible device for all of the vehicles in your fleet, you will not only save time, but also money. When you have to buy special ELD devices for each class or brand, you would first spend more time choosing and later on educating drivers on how to use new devices. Also, the universal ELD device in all commercial vehicles you own will save you money that you would otherwise spend on the things mentioned.

When it comes to user-friendly devices, there is not much to say. It’s easier to cope with a simple interface that takes less time than complicated ones. That is all.

2. Price

Well, price is another logical criterion when choosing the perfect ELD device. However, not only in this case but in many others. Whenever you buy something, you need to compare products of the same category. This also applies to electronic logging devices. Always consider more options, such as a few more expensive, mid-priced and cheaper ones. It doesn’t have to mean that buying an expensive ELD will always get you what you need. You might be able to save money and get the right thing with some mid-range device, or even the cheapest one. Therefore, always compare several ELDs.

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3. Consider quality brands

In most cases, a quality device is made by a well-known and well-rated company. Of course, this does not mean that some companies that are relatively new to the market do not have a quality device for you or that their offer should not be considered, but that you will be able to make easier choices by looking for a reliable, proven product. However, if you want to give an opportunity to the new names in the electronic logging devices market, that’s OK.

4. Consider all the features of the devices on your list

When comparing the price of certain ELDs, we suggest you also check what are the main features they have. When you do this, we believe that it will be easier to decide which product is right for you and what price range it belongs to. For example, pay attention to features such as: data transfer to DOT officers, preventing interaction while driving for extra security, GPS tracking, automatic status change, special driving statuses, etc. After checking all this, you can be sure that you have found the right ELD for you.

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5. Check the reviews

If you have doubts about the quality and reliability of an ELD device, the best reference may be a customer review. When buying any product, an immediate and honest review of the quality of the device can tell you a lot and make you pick the right ELD. Therefore, the last tip for buying an ELD device in 2024 is to read all the customer reviews and comments carefully and without haste.