Are Motorized Blinds Worth The Investment?

Smart blinds have become a trending lifestyle choice in recent times. Just like how people use remote controls for their TV, blinds too can now be controlled with the help of a remote.

And who says they are too pricey? According to you can easily find highly affordable motorized ones that are perfectly worth the investment.

Reasons why we say this are here below…

Enjoy greater convenience

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Manual adjustment of curtain can always be done, but sitting comfortably while they adjust themselves redefines convenience, doesn’t it? You can control the blinds of windows that are hard to reach. Thus, going for smart ones does not mean that you are lazy, in fact, it is the way to adjust your shades in a better way and more optimally. Having motorized ones in your bedroom would mean that you would not have to wake up due to natural sunlight. You will be able to close them just with the help of a button. You can also go for automatic motorized blinds that will open or close depending on the position of the sun or the timing.

Safe for children

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If you have kids at home, then using new equipment can be a bit tricky. But with motorized, you will not have to worry about the safety of your kids. The motorized ones come without cords which are safer compared to the normal ones that have cords in them. The children can get tangled with them while playing which can be extremely dangerous. The cordless blinds are very safe in comparison when children are around.

Saves energy

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You will be able to control them optimally. The motorized shades can be programmed and doing so, you will be able to take the full benefits of using the smart blinds. You can connect the blind to the smart hub of your home or smart sun sensor so that they can operate automatically according to the weather outside. When the automatics are programmed properly, it is good for your personal comfort too. You will also be able to live comfortably in your home as it will save you from the direct heat of the sun.

Enhanced security

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You can effectively protect your home from intrusion by using the automated curtain. You can set up the time when you are not at home so that the curtain gets closed automatically. You will no longer have to worry if you have closed all the curtains or not. You would also get app-controlled shades, using which you will be able to control your shades from anywhere you have Wi-Fi.

Perfect for elderly folks

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The automatic blinds are also a great choice for the elderly or disabled. Without having to put much effort, they can control these with the click of a button.

Also, you will get smart ones designed to match versatile home aesthetics. Just like normal blinds, they too are available in different colors, prints, and sizes.

Blending in with the decor

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If you are worried about your motorized blinds running the aesthetics of your room, then you are mistaken! Motorized ones do not come with odd-looking chords or dangling chains. In fact, these are available in a variety of colors, prints, and patterns to ensure that house owners can easily find a set that adds to the décor of their room. If you do not want your curtain to stand out from the rest of the furniture in your room, then go with a safer choice of shade that complements the décor. Besides, there is a host of different fabrics to choose from. So you can find the best fit for your home without having to hunt too much.

Safeguarding your furnishings

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Motorized blinds can do wonders for you, and it can even go to the extent of protecting accessories and furnishings of your room from harsh sunlight. Although a little bit of sunlight brings warmth to your house, it can damage the carpeting, furnishings, and other elements of your room when exposed to sunlight for long every day. If you do not want to drain off your savings by investing in new furnishings every year, then installing motorized blinds will be a smart decision! You can simply set a schedule for these – they can roll down automatically when the sun shines too harshly.

Ensuring privacy

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If you have been searching for the perfect solution to protect your privacy indoors from prying eyes of outsiders, then smart motor blinds can help you. Needless to say, we cannot do much to change people’s behavior, but we can certainly take measures to keep our privacy intact. All you have to do is to set a time for your curtain to unravel, and then you might just forget – for they are smart enough to remember your preference. These curtains have been designed to maximize your convenience so you can even change the set the timer with just a single touch on the remote control.

Easy integration with smart homes

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You can go for a complete smart home makeover by tuning motorized blinds with the rest of your smart home appliances. You can sync them with smart home locks, kitchen appliances, and even smart lights. You can even create a dreamy ambiance with smart curtains inside your room whenever you play your favorite movie or music.

Effective utilization of space

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Modern apartments are mostly designed for compact nuclear households, which makes them less spacious. So, it becomes important to make do with whatever space is available. But that doesn’t mean that we let go of our share of comfort and fun. For instance, if you yearn for a large flat screen to watch movies but the walls are not big enough, then use your motorized blinds to double up as a projector screen! You no longer have to look for large surfaces to set up a projector, simply roll down the curtain, and project your favorite cricket match or movies on them and enjoy.

So, given the myriad benefits and features that motorized blinds bring forth, wouldn’t you consider them worthy of your investment.