Activities We Can Do During Quarantine to Avoid Going Crazy

Given the situation we are currently experiencing due to the Covid-19, one of the most effective precautionary measures to avoid getting infected is staying at home. Many of us as time passes during the quarantine we feel trapped and imprisoned in our walls, which despair and anxiety are made to notice bringing with it many problems for us.

It is proven that during isolation mental health is a fundamental factor to avoid falling into anxiety and despair, as we are not mentally and emotionally well the defenses of our body can lower which will lead to getting sick faster. That is why in this time of quarantine or isolation it would be good to take advantage of the time and do things that help you clear your mind and forget your worries.

Remember it is very important to respect these measures because even if you are young and in good health, or if you have no symptoms, you can pass it on to someone who could be frail and potentially die. In short, it is essential to stay home for an indefinite period. But instead of getting stressed out by the running of the bulls, you have to see it positively! It’s time to take advantage of the opportunity to do many different activities every day! And here are some ideas to keep you busy during this quarantine.

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Before relaxing and doing our activities with peace of mind, it is good that we begin with performing an in-depth cleaning of our house, disinfecting each area of the house to eliminate viruses and bacteria that may have entered before the quarantine. Use recommended products to eliminate bacteria, such as chlorine, disinfectant, detergents, and more. Once you have cleaned and disinfected your house you can place some aroma diffuser with an essential oil that helps purify the air in your home, I recommend using the palo santo essential oil as it has active bacterial properties and provides great benefits for our health. Palo Santo has limonene, an antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory agent that prevents/counteracts respiratory diseases, and even helps you counteract stress and tiredness.

In the case of not having an aroma diffuser you can use incense or palo santo wood, with burning a little of this sacred wood it will help you purify the air in your home, make sure that by burning this sacred wood your house is ventilated and the open windows so that the smoke does not harm you.

What activities can we do during quarantine to avoid losing control? Learn new cooking récipes

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During this period, the need to eat will surely be stronger than usual. So cooking is a good occupation!

It’s no longer about microwaving food, it’s about preparing real dishes! If you love to eat, you will surely love to cook good things, especially because you will learn something and be proud of yourself. You must have some recipe books from the remaining grandparents, or our loyal friend can provide you with information online. A pleasant and delicious activity!

Now that you have time in front of you, go to your kitchen to enjoy it!

Play sports and stay active

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And yes, sport! It may be an opportunity to start or return to it!

We recommend that you do some exercise to stay healthy. When you stay home, it’s easy to stay static and eat more than usual. So we advise you to move around a bit.

If you have a garden, it may be time to put on your gloves and uproot the weeds that have been camping in your garden for a long time … This is an opportunity to exercise without realizing it!

If you don’t have a garden, you can jump rope in your living room, great for cardio.

You are also lucky to have the Internet, a canvas where you can find a lot of inspiration to do sports exercises at home (lining, abs, squats, etc.).

If you’re not convinced, you can always dance in your underwear with background music, for a summer body or not.

Don’t forget to move around a bit each day to stay healthy!


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Whoever says staying home does not mean letting himself fall into a trot and oily hair. Take advantage of this moment to take care of yourself! Take out your masks, essential oils, candles in the bathroom, natural soaps, or otherwise to make you happy if you feel you need it! For more information, click here.

Usually, everything always goes too fast and we don’t even take the time to take care of ourselves, today you have a chance.

So if you want to take time for yourself and want to wear your best clothes just for you, nothing stops you! Treat yourself!

If what you are looking for are easy things to do, then choose to catch up on your favorite series and start new ones or watch Oscar movies from the last 20 years will surely fascinate you.

Read a book, start a new literary saga, and discover other literary genres to help clear your mind.

Learn a new language, in our mobile phone application store there are many free applications that will help us learn languages.

Play board games (if you are with your family) or put together a puzzle, draw, paint, or even encourage writing a blog.

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Something that doesn’t go out of style is playing online with friends remotely. Listen to podcasts or take virtual classes on how to play a musical instrument.

You have courses that help you or seminars regarding your career and acquire new knowledge this will help give more weight to your resume and at the end of the quarantine, you will have more opportunities to get some job.

Remember you are not locked up, you are taking care of your health, do not be afraid of confinement, and take advantage of the free time you have to do what you always wanted.

Always keep in mind the protection measures to avoid infections such as washing your hands before and after doing any activity, exercising and drinking plenty of water, wearing a mask and gloves if you are going out.