Accessorise Your Electric Golf Trolley for 2024

Amongst golfers, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that having an electric golf trolley automatically makes you cooler. So, when you add accessories to the mix, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be the envy of all your golfing mates.


Well, okay, perhaps we’re slightly over exaggerating, but it is true that having an electric golf trolley can really improve how your day goes on the links, lightening the load and allowing you additional space for more equipment, snacks and hydration.

Not to mention the heaps of cool tech that so many models come with nowadays!

If you’re already a keen advocate for the electric golf trolley, you’re probably already well aware of the range of accessories on offer. But, for those who are new to golfing, or have only just purchased their first golf trolley and are unsure where to start – we’re here for you!

Source: National Club Golfer

Does your electric golf trolley really need accessorising?

We already know that both push trolleys and electric golf trolleys can make getting around the green easier, putting considerably less strain on the body and allowing you to safely carry your equipment without over-exerting yourself. But it’s also true that you can get more from your trolleys by adding accessories that make your life even easier than it already was!

Whilst many will argue that golf trolley accessories are more of a luxury than a necessity, there are many out there which can add real value to your game. From keeping your equipment dry in arduous UK weather conditions to helping you find your way around the course, the variety of trolley accessories on offer mean you can really upgrade your golfing experience with minimal effort. Don’t believe us? See for yourself below.

1. Keep your kit dry even in the wettest weather!

Rain is part and parcel of golfing here in the UK and keeping yourself dry is pretty easy with the right clothing and footwear. But what about your prized equipment? Well, that’s where a golf umbrella comes in!

We’re not just talking about your typical umbrella here, oh no, we’re referring to golf umbrellas and holders which fix to your golf trolley, allowing you to move around without having to hold it, and keeping you AND your kit dry from the elements.

Or, if you often find yourself playing in wet and windy conditions and feel an umbrella would simply get in the way in the face of strong winds, you could opt for a golf trolley rain cover instead, offering protection with durable, waterproof material and handy pockets to store smaller bits and pieces.

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2. Keep your trolley moving during the winter season

Getting around the green with an electric golf trolley during spring and summer is a piece of cake, with an effortless glide that makes these useful pieces of equipment so appealing. But, when the winter months set in the ground can quickly become soft, soggy and much trickier to navigate, which is where our next accessory can really come into great use.

Winter wheels for electric golf trolleys are a simple yet effective option for when the conditions on the green are proving a challenge, allowing you to get from hole to hole easily, without causing any damage to the fairways. You can opt for a range of winter wheels designed to complement the particular brand of your golf trolley, including Motocaddy hedgehog wheels which have studs to better interact with the unstable surface of the course. Or for minimal contact with the ground, Powakaddy have innovative rubber winter wheels to help you get around with ease.

3. Keep your vehicle clean to and from the green

Even the clearest days can leave dirt, grass and debris on the wheels of your golf trolley, which can shed during transit making your boot or the back seat of your car look pretty filthy.

A great accessory to combat this, and one that is super simple and affordable is the humble wheel cover. These are great where a full trolley cover isn’t quite necessary, but where you feel you could really benefit from a more efficient way of getting to and from the club.

Source: National Club Golfer

4. Keep your tech in plain sight

Many players prefer to use their mobile phones out on the green, not only to help them stay connected, but also as a useful GPS and a means of getting around the course quickly and easily.

But, it can soon grow tiring to repeatedly pull out a phone, and so a phone holder that can be clipped to your golf trolley offers a really simple solution. Simply clip it on and go, with everything you need right there in front of you at all times.

Find the electric golf trolley accessory you never knew you needed today!

We’re pretty certain that if you’re nuts about golf, you’ll want to have all the mod cons that can really help to transform your experience out on the links. But, even if you prefer a more laid back approach, there’s no denying that some of the accessories available are simply must-have items.

The best bit about the vast range of electric golf trolley accessories on offer is that there is something to suit every budget, so what are you waiting for? There are hundreds of reputable stockists to choose from selling fantastic golf trolley accessories, such as Clarkes’ Golf Store who stock some of the biggest brands in electric golf trolleys, at the most competitive prices.

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